Autodesk AutoCAD 2013 Free Download Overview:

The 27th release of AutoCAD has been announced by Autodesk! A new user interface system variables and numerous new features are included in Autodesk AutoCAD 2013 Free Download. For drawing files AutoCAD 2013 introduces new file formats. Older AutoCAD DWG files cannot be opened by AutoCAD 2013.

These file format changes include thumbnail preview file format modifications and new controls for graphics caching. Currently the thumbnails are PNG files. The majority of the improvements and upgrades in this release are to already-existing commands. The user experience model interaction and drawing documentation are some of these recent developments. You can download free AutoCAD 2011

Interaction of Autodesk AutoCAD 2013:

Once Autodesk AutoCAD 2013 Free Download has started the Welcome screen is displayed. Although this is not a new feature it does provide new features. The usual What is New or Getting Started video links exist. Links to open previously opened files and buttons to add new files are displayed.

There are links to the AutoCAD Exchange App shop and Autodesk 360. There are also connections to social media networks with an AutoCAD focus. This feature can be disabled at any time. You can also access it via the help menu.

The Command Line has been updated. The Command Line is still available and works as before but it has greater control over its display properties. It is no longer a large screen-wide pallet. Instead It might be a more compact palette that pops up.

Returning it to full-screen mode while maintaining access to its pallet-like settings. It can also be displayed differently depending on the choices for transparency and color. You can automatically retrieve the most recent commands and view the command history.

You have the option of docking it at the top of the AutoCAD window or leaving it to float on display. It looks like a single row of text with a barely perceptible history. This can display up to 50 lines of history. The text window will appear when you press the F2 key.

Although autocomplete is not open in its window it will show any command line historical output. The autocomplete feature will display orders higher than the command lines if the command line is not docked or dynamic input is deactivated. Before any significant changes to the way it is spoken the command line continues to operate similarly.

AutoCAD 2013 offers property preview features in canvas. You can view changes to specific objects before they are made. Open the properties palette and select an object. You can change the color of an object by using it. The selected object will change color as soon as you hover over them.

This functionality can be turned on or off in the OPTIONS dialogs Selection tab. In older version AutoCAD additional features were added. By 2013 these modifications had been made simpler making it more straightforward for you to use the array command. Every array type starts with an object set up in a typical way.

The objects are shown in the rectangular array in a 3x4 grid arrangement. The thing is evenly spread out along the path in the path array. Six items from the polar collection are placed in a circle. You have two options either type the values into the command line or you can use the block grips for row and column spacing number and radius adjustments.

It is visually displayed and makes it easy for you to create and modify your array. The Layout Viewports Panel is now known as Model Viewports. These panels provide a visual interface for selecting the right viewport type. The functionality is not affected by any other interface changes.

These are minor modifications that make it easier to use existing commands. You can find one in the Quick View Drawings and designing thumbnail previews. Using boldface fonts it is easier to identify which idea is currently in view. You can now edit multiple hatch objects in the Hatch editor simultaneously.

Not a big deal but a helpful improvement. Improved algorithm results in better quality rendering raster images inserted into files or referenced within them. There is nothing that the user can do except enhance something. The user can modify the Saved Path using the External Reference Manager from the palette and many more.

Model Interaction:

AutoCAD has evolved over time to be a powerful 3D design. This version has improved many of these instruments. Support for the target object has been streamlined and enhanced. The new Point Cloud Panel has more Point Cloud tools. These can be found under the Insert tab.

Point cloud files can be attached and managed in the same way as images and refs. A box will appear around the Cloud when you select a referenced cloud. This shows you exactly where it is. These new tools allow you to adjust the density and color of your point cloud.

It was made more accessible to index data from cloud files. The enhanced Press Pull command makes it easier to work with 3D objects. This command is now more flexible than ever before. You can select multiple objects to push/pull simultaneously by pressing the Shift Key or using the Multiple options.

Now you can select 2D or 3D curves and clicking is no longer constrained to a defined area. By default faces are extruded. You can withdraw but if you want the withdrawal to be tapered use CTRL to move the areas edges.

The Surface Ribbon Panels Curves tab is where you shall find the new Extract Isolines tool. It can remove isolines from a surface or a solid face. The isolines can be moved in a different direction linked together or a line can be drawn on the curved surface.

Using the Import command in AutoCAD 2013 you may import the Autodesk Inventor model right into the model space.


For a while now Autodesk has been developing a cloud-based service. Many of these Cloud services can be integrated by downloading AutoCAD 2013. Logging onto their cloud accounts allows anyone including Autodesk subscribers and those who have registered free accounts to save files online. These files are transferable. Utilize the Info center toolbar to log into Autodesk Cloud.

You can store information about the AutoCAD application in the Cloud in addition to files. Options workspaces and program appearances can all be synchronized online. You may get to many cloud-based settings by selecting the ONLINE Ribbon tab. It is possible to access files online with Autodesk 360.

To change your settings:

  • Click Online choices.
  • Save your file to your phone by choosing Open on Mobile.
  • Log in to the AutoCAD WS mobile application. You can upload several files at once to the Cloud using multiple uploads.

  • You may manage your account settings by using the settings buttons. To share your file with someone else click the Share Document option. The current file will be opened in AutoCAD WS by Collaborate Now allowing you to share it with others.

    Autodesk Cloud tools are now supported by an update to the CAD Manager Control Utility. This enables CAD Administrators to manage how users interact with AutoCAD Cloud-based Tools. AutoCAD 2013 free version has full features of AutoCAD.

    There are cloud rendering capabilities in AutoCAD 2013. You can use many machines if you need to render huge files. To stay informed about AutoCAD software updates and to connect to the AutoCAD online community you can stay connected to the Info Center device from AutoCAD.


    2013 AutoCAD is an exciting release for AutoCAD. Many modifications involve tweaks to already-in-use tools rather than entirely new ones. It only has new features that apply to previous instruments but unique functionality. It also provides a wide variety of online and cloud-based capabilities. This native integration makes Autodesk cloud services more efficient and user-friendly. It is compatible for 32-bit and 64-bit this is fully designing and modeling operating system you can check below for minimum system requirements.

    Software Full Name: Autocad 2013
    Full Setup Size: 2.67 GB
    Setup Type: Offline Installer / Full Standalone Setup
    Compatibility Architecture: 32 Bit(x86) 64 bit( x64)
    System Requirements
    Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
    Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
    Hard Disk Space: 3 GB of free space required.
    Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.

    Registration & Activation

    It is one time purchase software pack setup. It is guaranteed the the software will be registered and life time activated without the hassle of getting them as licensed.

    Name Memory Unit Option
    AutoCAD-2013-Free-Download x86,x64