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As English is one of the most important subjects when it comes to any education field so it is extremely important to have a strong grip over this language. In order to help our visitors in clarifying their concepts about the various topics of the English language and also to test their knowledge about it we have provided a free online MCQ below which includes questions with answers related to different categories.

So there are different categories like active voice English sentences and passive voice English sentences. Still all these types belong to basic English so if the student or any other person has a firm grip on basic English techniques they will easily cover different English subcategories.

English pairs of words also belong to an English subject and this topic is very important for students or even these pairs of terms used in English speaking. So over team cover all basic and advanced level English questions and answers are compiled in this one pdf file for the users.

Mcqs pdf is a desirable method to enhance knowledge in a shorter time because MCQs are easy to read and understand without any external source. We describe some English pairs of word tips below how to elaborate these.

  • A pair of words describing opposite things
  • Describe how one word describes two different concepts while the other does not
  • A single word that means many different things
  • Two words that describe the same thing
  • One word describing both things 1 & 2
  • Two words describing the same concept - no difference between them
  • A pair of opposites one a noun and the other a verb
  • A set of words that describe something (in general)

  • You can download an English pair of words the direct download link is present below on this page.

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