Economics MCQs with answers pdf:

Economics is a discipline that analyses goods and services production and consumption activity. Economics deals with how individuals make decisions about their choices among alternative economic activities interests or alternatives. The study of economics includes determining whether these choices are rational or irrational based on certain factors. Economics MCQs with answers pdf file is available below this article where users can easily download and print this file.

Examples include:

  • Buying a product over similar products.
  • Choosing between different products (or companies).
  • Deciding what career to pursue.

  • Economic theories attempt to explain how people make these decisions. These explanations are sometimes referred to as models or theories. The study of economics is highly interdisciplinary. Thus economists may draw upon knowledge from political science sociology psychology anthropology history law statistics computer science mathematics physics and biology.

    Types of Economics MCQS Questions:-

    What are the different ways we measure an economys performance?

    Growth rate unemployment rate etc.

    What does GDP stand for?

    GDP stands for Gross Domestic Product

    Why did the European Union suffer a recession that lasted two years?

    It was due to the banking crisis of 2008

    Which of the following statements best describes the difference between macroeconomics and microeconomics?

    Macroeconomics is more specific while Microeconomics is more general.

    List 2 reasons for the current rise in prices?

    Demand & supply

    Name the three major components of an economy

    Production Consumption and Income

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