Need for Speed Hot Persuit 2010:

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2010 career mode centers on the increasingly violent battles in Seacrest County between illegal street racers and the Seacrest County Police Department.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (NFS: HP) is a 2010 racing video game developed by Criterion Games and published by Electronic Arts for PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 Microsoft Windows Wii iOS Android WebOS and Windows Phone.

The game was announced by Criterion Games on 4 June 2010. The game reintroduces police pursuits in the Need for Speed franchise. It is also the first Need for Speed title to utilize the new Chameleon 2.0 game engine developed by Criterion Games.

NFS: HP was well-received upon release critics praised the visuals soundtrack and overall gameplay. The game features both single-player and multiplayer modes. In the single-player mode players can play through a career storyline involving various races and events.

There are also time trials and speed tests in which players must complete certain sections of tracks within specified time limits. In multiplayer mode up to eight players can compete in various races.

The SCPD officer and the racer growth pathways are available to players each with different event types overarching objectives and play styles.

Within a professional path completing events will open up more possibilities including cars implementation tiers and equipment. Therefore both professional growth tracks feature narrative content aside from brief career map introductions and infrequent vignettes to create the mood at the start of some events.

Players can select which career they progress in and swap between them at any moment.

Features of Need for Speed Hot Persuit 2010:


Participating in events for each faction allows players to collect the bounty that counts toward their wanted level as a racer or their SCPD cop rank as a cop.

A players earning potential is influenced by their driving prowess and event placement.

The single-player career and online multiplayer allow for increasing a players bounty in either group.


The free drive has no set objectives or criteria for growth in the career mode although it may be accessed from any cop or racer map node. Additionally the user can access Freedrive and choose from unlocked cars however the selection is only available for the faction node they have selected.


There are ten event categories in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010) many of which are accessible in both single-player and online multiplayer. Still some are exclusive to one or the other.

Arms Race: Competitors use equipment to sprint from one place to another to the finish line.

Duel: A sprint between two racers on a point-to-point course.

Gauntlet: A competitor must surpass a predetermined time on a course that the SCPD has set.

Hot Pursuit: The SCPD is trying to stop racers from competing against one another.

Interceptor: An SCPD officer is entrusted with apprehending one racer while that racer is given the mission of eluding the SCPD.

Most Wanted: The racers guard the most wanted racer and the SCPD is tasked with apprehending them.

Race: Competitors race along a point-to-point course in a sprint to the finish line.

Rapid Response: An SCPD officer must respond to a dispatch and arrive at a location at a predetermined time.

Online Multiplayer in Need for Speed Persuit in 2010 version:

The Online Hot Pursuit part of the main menu is where you may access multiplayer. Two to eight players can participate in player-vs-player or team-based sessions spanning five different game styles.


Each group has five tier categories with at least 70 vehicles. All SCPD units sport a distinctive police livery and racers can choose their preferred vehicle from various unique body colors.

Cars will become available as the player advances to higher SCPD ranks or wanted levels in the racing faction.


In competitions racers and SCPD officers might employ equipment to disadvantage rivals elude pursuers or give themselves an advantage. Equipment can be improved with extended use increasing its capabilities and efficiency.


The fictional county of Seacrest County where Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010) takes place is situated on the country west coast. In addition to a sandy coastline thick forests snowy mountain ranges a desert and scenic canyon roadways Seacrest County is home to many other distinct geographical features.

Police in Seacrest County:

The Seacrest County Police Department is an organization that supports and guards the county against crime especially illegal street racing. They have a fleet of nearly 55 cars to stop the quickest of all speeders.

Need For Speed 2010 free download for pc Autolog:

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuits PC PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 and mobile versions include Autolog a collection of online social networks (2010). Players can compare career event times chat with one another share dream shots with friends and find new players through friend recommendations using the suite.


Players will receive auto-recommendations for events their friends have set faster times for in the career map. Additionally you may view them from the Automatic Recommends section of the primary.


The wall displays photos taken messages written and auto-recommendations beaten by friends. Players can post it to the wall from the main menu when they defeat an autolog recommendation achieve a new career event record for the fastest time or take a picture.


With the Dream Shot function users can exchange photos taken in single-player mode or press the right stick on either console while watching an event. Through dream shots users can alter the world color contrast brightness motion blur focal length depth of field and damage effects before taking a picture.


Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (2010) is one of the best racing games ever. Its an arcade-style racer that is easy to pick up and play but also has a lot of depth for those who want to master it.

The game features stunning visuals great music and plenty of challenges to keep you coming back for more. So if you are a fan of racing games or even just looking for a great game to play you need to check out Need for Speed Hot Persuit (2010). It is an incredible game that will keep you entertained for hours.

Software Full Name: Need for Speed Hot Persuit
Full Setup Size: 91 MB
Setup Type: Offline Installer / Full Standalone Setup
Compatibility Architecture: 32 Bit(x86) 64 bit( x64)
System Requirements
Operational System: Windows 2000/XP
Processor: Intel Celeron 847 @ 1.10GHz / AMD Sempron Dual Core 2100
RAM Free: 512 MB RAM
Disk Space (HD): 5 GB Free Space
Directx Version: DirectX 9

Registration & Activation

It is one time purchase software pack setup. It is guaranteed the the game will be registered and life time activated without the hassle of getting them as licensed.

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