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His Kunyah was Abu al Farah. His name was Abdur Rahman ibn al Baghdadi Hanbali Siddiqi but he is famous by the name of Ibn al-Jawzi which is derived from Furdah al-Jawzi which is derived from Furdah al-Jawz the name of a place. download free Tazkirat ul Khawas download book and share it with other muslim brothers sisters and friends to increase thair knowledge.

He was a great theologian able jurist and superior muhaddith. The Islamic Scholars unanimously recognize him as an excellent and knowledgeable scholar.

His works cover a wide range of subjects exegesis jurisprudence travel and more. The number of his books is amazing and he was accepted as an authority in all these subjects. He had written a book on mawdooat Hadith in which he collected the Hadith that is mawdoo.

Another of his books is Talbees Iblis in which he discussed bidah (innovation) and acts that are contrary to the sunnah and then rejected them this book has a fascinating account of a warm Shayatani (devils people) and an outright rejection of those who deny the Sufis innovators and the misled. During his work he introduced an essential book known as Tazkirat ul Khawas download.

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Imam ibne Jawzi

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