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Tarikh ibn Wadih or Tarikh Al-Yaqubi is a well-known book written by al-Yaqubi on classical Islamic history. Like his contemporary Al-Dinawari the stories of Yaqubi unlike those of their predecessors were aimed at entertaining and teaching; they are literary productions.

His history is broken into two parts. In the first one he gives a detailed account of the pre-Islamic and non-Islamic peoples especially of their religion and literature. His source for the patriarchs time is now seen as the Syriac work published as Die Schatzhöhle by Karl Bezold.

He is the first to provide an account of the stories of Kalila and Dimna and Sindibad in his account of India (Sinbad). He gives several extracts from philosophers when dealing with Greece. The second section includes Islamic history from the life of Mohammed down to 259/872 through the Caliphs and Shiite Imams and is neither severe nor unjust. Download freeTareekh e Yaqoobi pdf Download Free and share with others.

However he inherited his great-Shiite grandfathers leanings. The work is distinguished by its thorough account of some provinces such as Armenia and Khorasan its astronomical descriptions and its quotes rather than poets from religious authorities.

The Tarikh is regarded as a significant historical testimony since it preserves the ancient Shiīte tradition concerning the life and work of the Prophet.

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Ahmed bin Abi Yaqoob bin Jafer

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