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His name is Ahmad ibn Ali ibn Muhammad ibn Muhammad Ali al-Kinani al-Asqalani. His great-grandparents lived in Asqalan where they entered in the year 583H. The word Hajar is the name of one of his grandfathers. His kunya is Abul-Fadl and his Laqab is Shihabuddin.

This city Asqalan is found in Palestine in Gaza. Ibn Hajar was born on the 12th of Shaban 773H. Ibn Hajar was an orphan. His father a great scholar and merchant died in 777H. Download Taqreeb ul tahzeeb urdu pdf.

His mother passed away before that so he was an orphan from both of his parents. Ibn Hajar had an older brother who was very learned but died before Ibn Hajar and due to this his father became very upset and saddened. Download Taqreeb ul tahzeeb urdu pdf Download Free and share with other muslims.

One of the pious people saw a dream and he gave glad tidings to the father of Ibn Hajar and told him that he would be succeeded by a person who would be better than him and have a long life which means that Allah subhanahu wa taala gave him good knowledge and a good memory.

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Ali al-Kinani al-Asqalani

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