Sunan Abu Dawud Shareef:

About the Author He is Abu Däwud Sulaimãn bin A1-Ashath bin Isaq bin Bashir bin Shaddãd bin Amr bin Imran Al-Azadi As-Sijist5nIhe was born in the year 202 after HijrahJ31 The biographers agree that he died in the year 275. As-SijistãnI is derived from Sistãn a region that today stretches from southeastern Iran to southwestern Afghanistan.

The term As-Sijizi is also used as an ascription for SIstãn sometimes Abu Dãwud was called: Abu Dãwtid As-SijzL He began to travel seeking Ahadith at a young age and made his way to Baghdad by the time he was eighteen years old. His journeys seeking knowledge took him through the lands of Khurãsãn Al-Iraq Arabia Ash-Sham and Egypt. Visit 555softnain to download freeSunan Abu Dawud Shareef.

His most famous teachers include Ahmad bin Hanbal Ishaq bin Ibrahim Yabya bin Win Abu Bakr Ibn Abi Shaibah his brother Uthman bin Abi Shaibah All bin Al-Madini and Abdullah bin Maslamah Al-Qanabi who was among those famous for reporting the Muwatta of Imam Malik.

His most notable students include his son Abu Bakr Abdullãh bin Abi Dawud At-Tirmidhi An-Nasãi Abu Bakr Al-Khalal Ar-Ramahurmuzi Ibn Abi Ad-Dunya Ad-Duwlãbi as well as those who narrate the Sunan from him - a discussion of which follows. Selected Statements About the Author and His Book Al-Khattabi said. Share this beautiful islamic book Sunan Abu Dawud Shareef Free Download with other muslims brother and sisters.

The book of Sunan Abu Dawud Shareef is noble. There has not been another book written in the knowledge of the religion that is like it. And he said: I heard Ibn Al-Arãbl say - while we were listening to him (recite) this book he pointed to the copy which was in front of him - If a man does not have any knowledge with him except that of the Mushaf in which is Allahs Book then this book he would not need any knowledge at all beyond the two of them.

Al-Khattabi said: Abu Umar Muhammad bin Abdul-Wãhid Az-Zãhid - the companion of Abu A1-Abbãs Ahmad bin Yahya - informed me he said: Ibrãhlm Al-Harbi said: When Abu Dawud wrote this book Ahadith were made supple for him just as iron was made flexible for Dãwud which means the Prophet Dãwud peace to be upon him. Al-Hãfiz Adh-Dhahabl said: Along with his Imdmat in Hadith and its fields Abü Dãwud was among the significant Fuqaha for his book proves that.

He was among the distinguished companions of Imãm Ahmadhe attended his lessons for a lengthy period and asked him about delicate issues in both branches (Furü and fundamentals (Usül) and he stayed upon the Madhhab of the Salaf regarding following the Sunnah and submitting to it and not delving into problematic Kalam Those Who Narrate His Sunan many heard Abu Dãwuds Sunan from him those that are popular or known to have reported it from him areAl-Lulu! (Muhammad bin Ahmad) Ibn Dasah (AbU Bakr Muhammad bin Bakr bin Muhammad) Ar-Ramli (AbU Elsa Ishaq bin MUsa) and Ibn Al-Arãbl (AbU Saeed Ahmad bin Muhammad).

His Books Other than his Sunan his letter to the people of Makkah explaining the conditions he adhered to in compiling his Sunan and his Masail of Imãm Ahmad Abü Däwud are known to have authored the following: At-Tafarrud Al-Marãsil A lam An-Nubuwwah Az-Zuhd and An-Nãsikh wall-Mansükh. Abü Ubaid Al-Ajurri compiled a book of questions that he asked Abü Dãwud entitled: Suwalãt Abi Ubaid A1-Ajjuri an Abi Dawud. We hope you will like this PDF book and share it with other Muslims.

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Imam Abi Dawud

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