Mishkat Ul Masabih:

Mishkat al Masabeeh is a collection of the AHadith of the Prophet compiled centuries ago. However, there has been no change in its utility and freshness. Hadith itself is a sacred skill. It is derived from an eternal personality in that as long as it is sensible understanding life on earth, this skill will continue to thrive ever radiantly.

Besides, the muhaddith have arranged their books of Hadith according to their judgment of the subject heading, etc.; Imam Bukhari. for instance, demonstrates his juristic mind in every Hadith that he transmits.

Imam Muslim assimilates into one of the many lines of transmission a single Hadith may _have. In his Musnad, Imam Ahmad groups together all the AHadith of a companion in a single chapter. Every book of Hadith thus has its peculiarity and distinctiveness. To download this book in free please visit 555softnain website Mishkat Ul Masabih.

Mishkat al Masabeelz is a collection with the singularity that it not only has the AHaditl1 of the Sihah sittah but also other reliable books, like Shaballman of Bayltaqi, Musnad Ahmad Musnad Razeen, etc. Another peculiEt.rity of Mishkat that strikes the eye is that it does include those AHadith that an ordinary reader finds difficult to understand.

Some suggest this collection is an introduction to AHadith or compiled to bring busy people to be known and act on the AHadith of the Prophet. Accordingly, even today, the Arabic madrassahs begin studies with this book before they take up the Saha H Sittah. The reason is that the first stage of education should not be so elaborate a burden that only the higher level can cope with or so brief that an ordinary mind becomes confused. Let us look at it from another angle.

If Bukhari has the distinction that the book is read from cover to cover in times of difficulty, then Mishkat too has a distinction, for it has been a course of study for the Sufis. The distinguished Sufis have chosen this collection in their life of Zikr (remembrance and supplications to Allah) because this book is neither elaborate nor brief like the other books of Hadith. We need not go far. Initial endeavors for freedom were in the offing in northern parts of India, and Sayyid Ahmad Barelvi was leading the movement.

It was his practice with his mujahids (warriors) that lessons in Mishkat were a compulsory subject. Although Shah Ismail Shaheed was responsible for the studies, the late Sayyid explained the salient features and wisdom.

The Hajjatullah al Baligah is a peerless book on divine secrets and mysteries and the wisdom and philosophy of Shariah(divine law) Discerning men have contended that it is an exposition of Mishkat.

Those people, who have studied the book not in its sequential order but from the point of view of extraction of AHadith, know that Shah Waliullah always had the AHadith of Mislzkat before him when he scattered pearls of knowledge among the Ummah.

Next to Bukhari and Muslim, this book has had the highest number of marginal notes written. Some of the exegetes opted for Mishkat because of its comprehensiveness, which we have referred to above. It is also the peculiarity of Mishkat that even those people hold it dear who seem to follow a school of thought contrary to the one of its compiler and writer. Visit 555softnain website and download Mishkat Ul Masabih urdu pdf.

This is not a recent phenomenon but has been found since this book came to light. The section Kitab al Fitan of Mishkat has always drawn the attention of learned men to it. Those who write on this particular subject do not fail to keep the Kitab al Fitan of Mishkat before them. This section contains plenty of Aathar of the Sahabalt and Tabieen.

The chapters in Mishkat that have much to do with everyday practical life are very detailed and replete with AHadith. One does need to refer to them day· and night. These include chapters on dua istighfar, adherence to the Book and Sunnah, al Asma al Husna (The beautiful names of Allah) and others.

Mishkat is a complete and arranged form of Masabeeh as sunnah in which imam Mahy us sunnah, Qami al Bidah, Abu Muhammad Husayn ibn Masood al Fara. Al Baghawi has collected a large treasure of AHadith of fiqh. Imam Baghawi has compiled Masabeeh in two sections. In the first, he has placed the AHadith from Bukhari and Muslim and the second from other books, like Abu Dawood, Tirmizi, etc. Further, he sufficed to narrate only AHaditlt, and neither cited the books nor named the narrators.

The great scholar and grant muhaddith of the eighth century Hijri, Waliuddin Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Abdullah al Kluzteeb al Umar al Tabrayzee, re-arranged the book.

He added a third section to the book in which he recorded the AHadith transmitted by other Islamic Scholars and muhadditheen and those of Bukhari and Muslims, which Imam Muhy us Sunnalz had omitted to record in the original Masabeelt. Secondly, he did not fail to name the sources, either the book or the Muhaddith, whose Hadith was quoted.

Thirdly, he mentioned the name of the narrator from whom the Hadith was transmitted. In this way, the book gained tremendous importance and value.

We can gauge the importance attached to Mishkat from the fact that since it was compiled, it continues to be part of the syllabus of Arabic Madrassahs and religious institutions. Even today, it is the first book taught to students before the Sihah.

In the original book Masabeeh as sunnah, there are four thousand four hundred and thirty-four (4434) AHadith. All amah Klmteeb Tabrayzee 41tU-.One added one thousand five hundred and eleven (1511) AHadith later.

This way, the number of AHadith in Mishkat al Masabeeh is five thousand nine hundred and forty-five (5945) We hope you like this PDF book and share it with other Muslims.

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Muhammad bin Abdullah al-Umri al-Tabrezi

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