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Mazahir e Haq jaded is an authentic Urdu Sharah (exposition) of Mishkaat Shareef written by Maulana Muhammad Qutub Uddin Khan Dalvi (ra). It has been reported in easy Urdu making it easy for its reader to understand.

Shah Waliullah had four sons who attained fame and distinguished themselves. They were: Shah Abdul Aziz Shah Abdul Qadir Shah Rafiuddin and Shah Abdul Ghani. All of themĀ· were known for their intelligence knowledge oratory eloquence holiness and righteousness but Shah Abdul Aziz .iiltU-.J stood out in honor and wisdom.

He is the one who earned a name for his entire family in the religious world. Indeed if he were not there his family would have remained unknown to the world as honorable respectable and learned and they would not have found themselves mentioned in history. He was born in 1159 AH. The initial years of his growth were overlooked by his illustrious father Shah Waliullah. Visit 555softnain and download free Mazahar Haq Urdu Pdf.

He was admitted to the Maktab at the age of five and began studying the Quran which he completed very soon because of his high intelligence level. He was extremely good-natured too. Next he ultimately had primary education in Persian followed by surf and how (grammar) in about three years.

Then his education was entrusted to a worthy Khalifalz (assistant)of Shah Waliullah. In about two years he became skilled in the different arts of Arabic. By the age of thirteen he had not only gotten through early academic education but also had qualified in elementary surf and nahaw fiqh principles of jurisprudence logic scholastic theology belief geometry astronomy and mathematics. Download book Mazahar Haq Urdu Pdf Download Free.

He then got admission to his fathers circle of studies and received an education in Hadith all of whose books he studied under his fathers eyes for two years. He must have been hardly fifteen years old when he had qualified in all sciences and arts.

He benefitted from his familys policy of receiving both traditional and modem education. In Shah Waliullall side by side with Haditlz and Tafseer logic and mathematics were also taught with devotion. Therefore at a young age Shah Abdul Aziz became adept in logic Mathematics History and geography.

Shah Abdul Aziz had completed his education in the different sciences when his father Shah Waliullah breathed his last and he succeeded him at the religious institution. Although he was just seventeen he was an accomplished scholar and a great mystic. The Islamic Scholars respected him and students came to him from around the world.

He was the one who nurtured the seed his father had sown and worked hard on the science of Haditlzs growth in India. Soon it bloomed and people benefitted from its flowers and fruit. Shah Abdul Aziz was a great orator too and he held both friends and foes spellbound with his thrilling oratory. He also had a splendid memory.

Whatever he read or heard he retained it in his memory in the same manner and words ever after. His person was the mine of the characteristics of the Waliullah family and till today Islam is bright in India with the light that he had lighted. His enumerable works continue to guide and satisfy the seekers of knowledge.

He wonderfully completed his days the scholar pious and righteous person he was. He died on Sunday 7th Shawzval 1248:AH in the morning. To Allah we belong and to Him is our return. We hope you like this PDF book and share it with other Muslims.

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Muhammad Qutab Ud Din Khan Dehlvi

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