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Our founder Allah has framed the laws of Shariat. We all follow Allah and obey His orders without any ifs and buts. However there are many things that we need help understanding and we would like to hear about the reasoning.

Sometimes specific rules are irrational or contribute to injustice. In other words while we submit to Allah command we want to know the reason behind the different directions of the sharia.

Shariat laws are made with the physical as well as moral well-being of humans in mind. Because most of our physical needs are still beyond our understanding the question of knowing our spiritual needs does not arise. Download free Ilalul Sharaie in urdu pdf.

Disclosing the reasons and reasoning behind all such rules the facts of Allah and the pure Ahle Bait (a.s.) helped us understand these rationales. Such traditions allow one to have more faith in the rules of Shariat.

It also reiterates for us its creatures the love and caring of Allah. Several companions have recounted these traditions in books from Aimmah (a.s.) and are divided into related chapters.

But in one book one author successfully attempted to collect all such practices and called the book Ilalul Sharaie-Reasons for Shariat Rules. Our esteemed scholar Abu Jafar Muhammad ibn Ali ibn Babawaih al-Qummi known as Shaikh Saduq (a.r.) was born in 305 A.H. You can download Ilalul Sharaie in english pdf below direct download button is present.

During the early days of Ghaibat he was one of those remarkable scholars. Two volumes of this book are written together in a single volume. With no clarification or comments from the writers the book has headings and customs under those headings.

This approach helps to keep the book pure from all sorts of interpretations of non-masoom. This book is available in Arabic Persian Urdu and Gujarati as an excerpt.

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