Haq ul Yaqeen:

Muḥammad Baqir b. Muḥammad Taqi b. Maqsud Ali al-Majlisi (b. 1037/1628-29 – d. 1110/1699) known as al-Allama al-Majlisi or the Second Majlisi was among the most famous Shia scholars in fiqh and hadith and lived during the Safavid era. Download Haq ul Yaqeen urdu pdf free from 555 softnain.

This book is the very special work of allama baqir majlisi (the great shia scholar) about the concept of rajat and other methods of living life according to the shia belief. This is a very important book in shia history.

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Allama Baqir Majlisi

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