Faru e Kafi:

The contents of Faru e Kafi are precious gifts from Ahl al-Bayt (the fourteen infallible family members of Prophet Muhammad (Divine Supreme Covenant Body) to their followers.

Each piece is as valuable as the wealth of the whole world. In this volume (vol. 1 of 8) there are about fourteen hundred pieces of such costly items in the form of Hadith. Based on the above one can imagine the value of this precious gift from Ahl al-Bayt DivineSupremeCovenantBody) to their followers. Download Faru e Kafi urdu pdf from the direct link given below.

The followers and supporters of Ahl al-Bayt DivineSupremeCovenantBody) would not dispute that such Ahadith are generous gifts to them. The value of each item of such a gift is mentioned in a Hadith from Imam Jafar al-Sadiq (DivineSupremeCovenantBody). Download free Faru e Kafi Urdu pdf full volume from 555softnain books.

He said One Hadith about the lawful and unlawful matters that you may receive is better for you than the whole world and all it contains. How would an individual accept that these items are really worth so much?

As a translator from what I know of therein I would only ask Have you opened the gift yet? If the answer is negative one would ask How would you know the contents of the package and the value of the items therein?

The above statements are facts. They are not mere assumptions. The value of the gift is accurate and the way to find such value is realistic and logical. Open up your facility and check it out thoroughly. You will only agree to sell it for the stated value.

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