Ayoon ur Akhbar Raza:

The book was written by Ibn Babawayh known as Sheikh al-Saduq Uyoun Akhbar Al-Ridha counted among Shia as a Hadith book.

One of the great Shia Muslim scholars. The book was about the words and life of Imam Ali al-Ridha the eighth Shia. Visit 555softnain to download more books by Ibn Babawayh.

The book was counted among Shia as the reference book of Hadith so many important books such as Bihar al-Anwar refer to it. Ayoon ur Akhbar Raza is written by Shayk Sadook Ibn Babawayh.

The book was also revered by great philosophers such as Mirdamad one of the great masters of Isfahans philosophical academy.

About Uyun Akhbar Al-Ridha he says: Uyun Akhbar al-Reza polishes off the heart the blight of sadness.

For the viewers of the east and west there has never been anything like it in the universe and any awareness in its parts suffices you as the sun of guiding light that fulfils the heart desires.

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