Sheikh at-Tehrani says: The book titled Ausaf-us-Shia is compiled by Sheikh as-Saduq Abu Jafar Mohammed bin Ali bin al-Hussein bin Musa bin Babawayh al- Qummi.

Ad-Damat us-Sakiba Al-Majlisi Bihar ul-Anwar Al-Hurr Al- Aamilis Wassail ush-Shia and Al-Mustadrak—all these reference books quoted from Sifat ush-Shia. Download Ausaf-us-Shia in urdu pdf.( 555softnain).

In Tehran there is a copy of this book which is handwritten with an old and big script found with the Doctor.

Other copies are found with Mr. Al-Urdubadi in Najaf and the Library of At- Tehrani in Samarra that is written by our Sheikh an-Nuri and now kept by his grandson Mirza Ali Behzadi in Tehran.

The book titled Fadhaail ush-Shia is within this copy. In the revision of this book two copies are depended: The first copy is documentary and stored in Fayziyya School within Group: 1764 No. 4.

It is a clear copy which is ended with the following paragraph: This is the end of the book titled Sifat ush-Shia and compiled by Sheikh as-Saduq Mohammed bin Ali bin Babawayh al-Qummi the resident in Ray.

All praise is due to Allah primarily finally openly and secretly. The poor servant Hussein bin Mohammed Taqi an-Nuri at- Tabirsi wrote it himself in Najaf… on the seventh of Shawal 1271 A.H.

The second is the copy that is found in the Library of At-Tehrani of Samarra to which it was referred in the book title Ath-Thareea.

This copy was printed in Najaf by Allama Najmuddin ash-Sharif al-Askari in 1380 A.H. –1958 A.D.- and was attached to his book titled Ali wash-Shia.

In the end of this book he writes down: This book was copied by ash-Sharif al-Askari Najmuddin the son of the late scholar Sheikh Mirza Mohammed ash-Sharif al-Askari (of Tehran) in Samarra at the night of Saturday the twenty-first of Thul- Qada.

Allah may bless Mohammed and his immaculate family The other printed copy of the book which is attached to the book titled Fadhaail ush-Shia was carefully printed in Tehran: Kanune Intisharate Aabdi.

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