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He was a prominent Islamic scholar and historian. He was a follower of Imam Shafi, one of Ahlesunnats four Fiqh schools of thought. Imam Suyuti belonged to the middle age of Islam, a golden period in the knowledge of Islam. The Arab scholar was Imam Sayyuti, and he wrote all his books in the Arabic language. His books are also translated into other languages. He wrote one of the notable books on Islamic history, "Tarikh Ul Khulafa," which deals with the life cycle and reign of the Holy Prophet PBUH and his caliphs. Like Tafseer Jalalain and this book, etc., he also wrote an interpretation of the Quran. History of the Caliphs , Romanized: Tārīkh al-Khulafa ) is a popular book by Suyuti, the classic Sunni scholar, published in Calcutta in English in 1881 and republished in 1970 by Oriental Press in English. A partial translation of The History of the Caliphs is the history of the Khalifahs who chose the Right Way. Its translator, Abdassamad Clarke, chose to translate the biographies of the first four "Rightly Guided Caliphs" adding Imam Hasan ibn Ali (A.S.) to them because of his intervention to heal the differences in the early community and legitimately hand over power to Muawiyah ibn Abi Sufyan, according to the opinion of Sunni Muslims. We hope that you would like this PDF book and share it with other Muslims.


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