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One of the seven main transmitters of the Qiraat, or variant readings of the Quran, was Abu Bakr Aasim Ibn Abi al-Najud al-Asadi (died 127AH/745CE), generally known as Aasim ibn Abi an-Najud. Of Persian descent, the most famous and influential way of reciting the holy book in the Muslim world in general is his method of reciting the Quran as transmitted by Hafs. Even though he lived most of his life in Kufa, because of a pact, he was aligned with Banu Asad ibn Khuzaymah. Abu Amr ibn al-Ala, his fellow recitation transmitter, also trained under him. Despite being from Kufa, the reading of Aasim was at first not common there. He did not acknowledge the pre-Uthmanic edition of the Quran written by the Prophets companion, Abdullah ibn Masud, unlike most of the Kufa reciters; Even after the Uthmanic version became canon, most of the Kufa individuals continued to recite based on that version for a while. Eventually, with the standardisation of the mushaf, this changed, and in time the reading of Aasim became the standard for the Muslim world. In fact, only two of the seven key methods of recitation have become especially popular in the Muslim world: that of Nafi outside of Egypt in much of Africa, and that of Aasim in the rest of the Muslim world in general. In 745CE, corresponding to the year 127AH, he died. We hope that you would like this PDF book and share it with other Muslims.


Ahmed bin Abu Muhammad Aasam Koofi

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