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Imam Shafa ee was born in 150 AH at Ghazza but some authorities say that he was born at Aasqalan, and some others Mina. He was then taken to Makkah where he grew up in the sacred surroundings: He had committed the Quran to memory .at the age of seven, and Muwatta Imam malik at the age of ten. He learnt fiqh from Muslim ibn Khalid who was a Mufti at that time. When he was fifteen years old, the well known Islamic Scholars and Shaykll had given him authority to issue fatawa (religious edicts). He them travelled to Madinah to seek more knowledge and became a student of Imam Maalik;, Imam Shafee"; said that in his early life, he was much interested in poetry and he had memorized many verses of poetry which he recited often. He was sitting in the shade of the Kabah orie day and he was all alone when he heard someone say. "the Imam says .... " And he heard very attentively someone say. According to Maktaba Shamila, the book includes almost two thousand (2000) hadiths. It is one of the oldest written Musnad (a kind of Hadith book). It is written in the Islamic Calendar of the second century and written before Sahihains most credible book of Hadiths (narratives of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad), which are (Sahih al-Bukhari & Sahih Muslim). The Musnad (مسند) are sets of Hadiths identified by narrators and thus by Sahabas (companions of Muhammad). It seems that the compilation is not specifically the work of the Imam, but rather it was written by later scholars who, as Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani explains, were students of al-Rabi , the heir to al-Shafii. We hope that you would like the Kanzul Ummal PDF book and share it with other Muslims.


Imam Shafii

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