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Hifiz Abu Saeed Abdur-Rahmgn bin Muhammad Idrisi said, "Muhammad bin Eisa bin Sawrah is one of the leading scholars of Hadith. He had a number of works among them are: Al-Jimi, Tawirikh and Al-llal. These works are compilation of a widely-read scholar, who is cited as an example in erudition." Abul-Fad1 Muhammad bim Tm Maqdisi said: I was with Ilnh Abu IsmZil Abdullah bin Muhammad Anski at Hira when the mentioned was made of Abu Eisa Tirmidbi and his book. He said, "In my view, his book is more useful tlm those of BWri and Muslim because; the benefits that are in the books of these two scholars can only be attained by weU-versed scholars. But as for the book of Abu Eisa Trimidhi, all the people can benefit from it." This book is unique in nature. There is no repeatation of hadith in this book. This book has mostly those haditho collection which is focused in fiqha The orientation of hadith is very useful in this book.


Muhammad Bin Eisa Trimidhi

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