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His name was Numan and his kunyah was Abu Hanifah while his title was Imam Azam. His father was Thabit and his grandfather was zoota. Zoota was a resident of Iran and by religion was a parsee (Zoroastrian). When the light of Islam spread to lands beyond Arabia and also shown over Persia, alongwith other people Zoota too embraced Islam. Some people of his family harassed him after he had become a Muslim and obstructed him from practicing the rites of Islam. So, Zoota set his mind on hijrah (migration in Allahs cause) and he went away from his native land with his wife and some property and travelled towards Makkah. This was the era of Sayyidina Ali . as Khalifah and Kufah wa~ the capital city of Islam and the grandeur and majesty of Islam was apparent here. Zoota reached kufah and gave up the idea of proceeding to Makkah and settled al Kufah. He earned his living through trading in textiles. Abū Anīfa al-Numān b. Uh, Thābit b. Zūnā b. b. Marzubān ( 699-767 CE), known for short as Abū anīfa, or reverently as Imam Abū anīfa by Sunni Muslims, was a Sunni Muslim theologian and jurist of Persian origin from the 8th century, who became the eponymous founder of the Sunni jurisprudence Hanafi School, which remained the most widely practised law school in the Sunni tradition. We hope that you would like this PDF book and share it with other Muslims.


Imam abu hanifa noman bin sabit

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