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Al-Mawaaizh is the first book in this collection. In 1392 A.H., it was first printed, with its Persian translation of Azizullah Attaridi, in reliance on the only documentary copy that is found in the Library of An-Nassiriyya in Lakanhu, India. Mr. Attaridi mentioned that he had found that copy during his journey to India in 1386 A.H. He also added that the copier chose the title Sheikh As-Saduqs Al-Laaali al-Ghawali –The Dear Pearlsfor the copy that carried the same title in the indexes of that library. It seems that the copier took this title from the introduction of the compiler who records in its beginning, “So then, these are dear pearls and bright jewels…” This copy seems to be the only available one that was handwritten in 1235 A.H. by Feda Ali al-Musawi of Lakanhu. In the last of that copy, the following is written: “On Saturday, the first of Rabi I, 1235 of the hegira, All peace and blessings be upon him who made the hegira and upon his immaculate and pure household, this holy copy titled Al-Laaali al-Ghawali that is compiled by the lofty Sheikh, the most pious, the decent, the master of the sect, the grand, the trustworthy of the Imams, the head of the narrators, the product of the praying of the Sinless, the superior knowledgeable, our master Mohammed bin Babawayh al-Qummi, Allah may have mercy upon him. I am the poor servant Feda Ali son of Sayyid Ali al- Musawi of Nisapur, Lakanhu, and Dahlu.” In addition to the following evidences, we can prove through the previous statement that this book belongs to Sheikh as-Saduq. 1. Most of the biographists, who referred to Sheikh as-Saduq, Allah may have mercy upon him, stated that he compiled a book titled al-Mawaaizh –The Sermons-. Besides, the contents of the book are almost sermons, advices, and maxims. 2. In the last of his book titled Men La Yahdhuruh ul-Faqih; Chapter: An-Nawadir -The Extraordinary Reports-, Sheikh as-Saduq, Allah may have mercy upon him, records the text of this book. In the revision of this book, the previously mentioned copy of the book and the last chapter of Men La Yahdhuruh al-Faqih, since it is the same as the book of al-Mawaaizh, are relied upon. We hope that you would like this PDF book and share it with other Muslims.


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