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Al-Farooq: The Life of Omar The Great is the Islamic scholar Shibli Nomanis biography of Umar (also spelled Omar). Umar is known unanimously as the Muslim Empires first conqueror, builder and administrator. Identified as Al-Farooqq, he was ("Distinguisher between truth and false"). Its publication in 1939 was an important addition to Islamic literatures knowledge and history. The author Nomani gathered and collected facts that were buried in unpublished manuscripts in major libraries of Istanbul, Beirut, Alexandria, Paris, Berlin and London through extensive study of the subject. The book inspired unprecedented excitement and, in a very short time, went through many editions. Maulana Zafar Ali Khan translated the book into English and it was entitled Al Farooq: The Life of Omar The Great (Second Caliph of Islam). We hope that you would like this PDF book and share it with other Muslims.


Allama Shiblee Nomani

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