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The book revealed to the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad (PBUH) in Arabic and transmitted to us from him through an authentic continuous narration (tawatur) without doubts.”
The Qur’an is a source of Islamic law
• The Qur’an is the first and primary source of Islamic law. It is an authentic and authoritative source .
• The proof of its authenticity and authoritativeness: It is from Allah.
• The evidence that it is from Allah: ‘Ijaz
• ‘Ijazmeans to prove inability in other person. The Qur’an has proved the inability of the Arab individually and collectively to imitate and bring about something similar to the Qur’an.
Rules Pertaining to conduct
• Rules relating to worship : (over 400 verses)
• Rules relating to family affairs: (70 verses)
• Rules relating to transactions: (70 verses)
• Rules relating to judiciary and evidence: (13 verses)
• Rules relating to crime and punishment: (30 verses)
• Rules relating to constitution: (10 verses)
• Rules relating to international relation: (25 verses)
• Rules relating to economic system: (10 verses)
Further more Allah sent all information about this universe through this great Book.
Following is the list of Top Urdu, Arabic and English translation collection of this great Book with their links.

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Quran Kareem in standard format


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Quran Kareem by Fateh Mohammad Jalundry


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tafseer ul quran by sunni Islam

Urdu Arabic

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Quran Kareem


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