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AutoCAD originally came from an Interact programme written in a proprietary language. Only primitive entities such as polygons, circles, lines, arcs and text were used to construct complex structures for the first version of this programme. The C++ application programming interface was later supported for individual objects. A comprehensive collection of tools for robust and 3-D modelling are included in the modern edition. AutoCAD also supports several automation and customization application software interfaces. The native autoCAD file format and the core specifications for the interoperability of CAD data are DWG (drawing). The software also supported Design Web Format (DWF), a CAD data publication format developed by Autodesk.

Following is a list of Top Autocad softwares, with their popular features and their links.

Name Option Images

AutoCad 2002

Download here

AutoCad 2008

Download here

AutoCad 2009

Download here

AutoCad 2010

Download here

AutoCad 2011

Download here

AutoCad 2019

Download here

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